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Majorca far from the madding crowd

Artà is a small, romantic town to the north-east of Majorca, around 60 km away from its capital of Palma. The town is typified by small narrow streets and old, impressive buildings.

The nature reserve, Parc Natural de la Peninsula de Llevant, is close by, offering a wide variety of hiking trails for hikers. In addition, the most beautiful natural beaches on the island, e.g. Cala Torta, Cala Mescida and Cala Agulla are in the immediate vicinity.

Artà is a typical Majorcan town with 6500 residences. Most of them are locals.
The name Artà was already mentioned in 1232, and is derived from the word “gertan”, meaning ‘garden’. The town’s landmark is the Kalvarienberg with its church San Salvador. 

The surroundings of Artà present a large variety of natural beaches, like; Cala Torta, Cala Mesquida and Sa Canova playa virgin. The park Ilevant, is also part of Artà’s community. With an area of 1670 hectare, vegetation and fauna is versatile. The yacht harbor is situated in the neighboring town of Colonia St. Pere, about 9 km from Artà.

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